Por and Para

This project was among one of my favorite yet. I enjoyed it because Glogster allows you customize a blog the way you want. There is tons of stuff you can use and add to make the blog more appealing. I would definitely recommend people to use this site for creating blogs.

Uso del verbo gustar


A Señor Bean le gusta ir al cine los viernes.

A Señor Bean le encanta comer hamburguesas.

A Señor Bean le gusta ir a la playa en los fines de semana.

A veces a Señor Bean le disgusta la escuela.

A Señor Bean le disgusta tocar el piano.

A Señor Bean le importa su trabajo.

A Señor Bean le gusta ir de compras.

A Señor Bean le disgusta leer libros.







Mis Gustos

The Mis Gustos project was fun and helpful. I felt that this project helped me improve and excel on how to use gustar in sentences. I found the program was very fun to use and at the same time it was educational. To me the project was easier to do than to stand in front of the class and talk. I look forward to another project like this.

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